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At Anchor ABA, we choose to serve children and families with a spirit of joy and an uplifting and encouraging facilitative approach. We focus our attention on functional skills and behavioral strategies which address the whole child to help promote success in navigating daily activities both in the home and in the community. 


  • Forever change the lives of children and families while celebrating each child's individual differences and unique strengths.


  • Teach children valuable skills with immediate application during daily activities. 


  • Facilitate community participation during trips to the grocery store, zoo, park, etc. 


  • Serve as a mentor and receive mentorship from your teammates, learning from one another to improve our skills individually and as a whole. 


  • Enjoy the freedom to create and maintain your own schedule which can increase/decrease in weekly hours according to the client’s needs and/or your chosen schedule. 


  • Share successes and failures openly and equally to learn from one another during regular team meetings over coffee and bagels.


  • Be a part of a small and intimate team of professionals who never “live for Friday” because we love what we do! 


Thanks! We look forward to getting to know you!

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